Sunday, March 6, 2016

ACHILLES® Cut-Resistant Socks

 Jordan Larson (wearing our ACHILLES® socks)
of the Carleton Place Canadians (CCHL)
 at the 2015 RBC Cup in Portage La Prairie, Manitoba.

On March 1, 2016  Jordan Larson of the Carleton Place Canadians (CCHL) had an opposing players skate go down the back side of his leg and across his Achilles tendon. Jordan was wearing our ACHILLES® cut-resistant socks .  “Tonight a skate went down the back of my skate and the sock didn't cut and overall saved me from cutting my Achilles.” Our ACHILLES® socks saved him from a serious Achilles tendon injury that could have possibly been career ending! See Jordan’s testimonial:

Accidents like this happen all the time in hockey. These near misses go mainly unnoticed at hockey’s lower tiers as well as the grass roots level. They are not publicized to the extent a high profile cut/laceration in the Pros would be. Therefore, the issue of protecting yourself before an accidental cut happens is not forefront in the minds of young players and parents alike. This is why we would like to see all players especially at the grass roots level, wearing some type of cut-resistant protection to help prevent any skate blade laceration.

Hogan Hockey was the first company (2010) to offer a full line of ACHILLES® cut-resistant protection for hockey players. We wanted to have hockey players protected, from the grass roots level to the Pro players to help prevent skate blade lacerations.

Hogan Hockey ACHILLES® products have come a long way since  we first introduced them. Our gear is increasingly becoming  more accepted as a practical part of a player(s) everyday equipment. We are constantly looking at ways to make the products better. Hogan Hockey ACHILLES®products will not hinder performance as they are no different than wearing any other traditional gear, except for the simple fact that we offer cut-resistant protection to help prevent skate blade lacerations.

Our goal when we first started out and our goal still is today, to help all hockey players prevent skate blade injuries before they happen! As you can see by Jordan’s story, we have helped prevent one of those injuries!! To date our products have helped prevent numerous injuries to players at all levels of hockey.

One incident that comes to mind that could have been prevented was in 2012/13 when Eric Wellwood of the Adirondack Phatoms career was cut short at twenty-three years old because of an accidental skate cut that was also life threatening.
** Pictured with Jordan Larson is Nolan Ross of the Fort Frances Lakers (SIJHL) who also wears our ACHILLES® cut-resistant socks as well as his twin brother Davis Ross who was on the 2014/15 RBC Cup Champions Portage Terriers (MJHL).