Friday, March 4, 2016

Skate Blade Cut, Achilles Injury...From Surgery To Stitches And Rehab


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This is a hockey player's story of being cut by a skate blade severing his achilles tendon. Taking you through his experience, from the cut to rehab along with the ambulance, surgery and his thought process throughout, leading to a new found appreciation for cut-resistant  hockey products like our Achilles® cut-resistant skate socks and never playing unprotected again.

“I would consider myself a good hockey player with years of experience.  So, I was surprised when I suddenly blew out my skate and fell into the boards.  It all happened so quickly that I had no time to react. Falling feet first,  my left skate caught right in between my right skate guard and calf.  So much for ankle protection!!!

Next thing I know, I'm getting up off of the ice and I feel a weird sensation in my foot, as if I just stepped into a pot of boiling water. I look down and see the largest cut I've ever experienced bleeding badly into my hockey skate. You could see bone, muscle and tendon; it was not a pretty sight. I'm quickly taken into an ambulance and the entire ride I'm going over what happened. How could this EVER happened to me?  I've skated for so many years and these injuries just do not happen. WRONG. I finally understood that it was a freak accident and if I wasn't wearing ankle socks, I could have avoided the injury.

It was embarrassing but also terrifying. The same question ran through my head “will I ever play sports again?'' After 2 hours in surgery and 18 stitches later I get to speak to my doctor. He says I'll be out for 6 months. 6 MONTHS! Four weeks on crutches and then slow and painful rehab for 5 months to get all of the motion back.  Even during rehab, walking is going to be hard and painful. He mentioned that there can be complications if I don't follow his instructions like permanent limps, ankle stiffness etc.

However, he said I was lucky because I still have feeling in my foot and didn't cause any severe nerve damage. So, I'm sitting in my hospital bed playing the whole event in my head and realize that none of this would have happened if I had better protection. If I knew such an injury could have occurred, I would be wearing better socks just like I wear the rest of my pads. This entire event illustrated the importance of ankle and calf protection and IF I can play hockey again I will never play without better protection. EVER.”

D. Baryudin , Canada

 PS. "I'm glad you take the time to really get to know your audience. People know these things happen but they never expect it to happen to them!  I know I didn't. Now all of my friends are wary too.  I cannot imagine ever playing hockey again without better protection."

Skate blade cuts are real and can be very serious. Hogan Hockey wants you to be protected from these types of injuries BEFORE they can happen. Our ACHILLES® cut-resistant skate socks have been protecting players at all levels of hockey since 2010. By wearing  these innovative cut-resistant hockey products, you can help to reduce or minimize the effects of skate blade injuries before they can happen!

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