Saturday, March 5, 2016

Hogan Hockey XH Series Achilles® Cut-Resistant Protection For Goalies


 **Introducing our second generation ACHILLES® cut-resistant baselayer underwear. Worn by the Pros. For information please contact Wingman Sports 1-289-231-1021 / 1-905-716-7227 or email:

 ***ACHILLES® cut-resistant socks, hybrid socks, underwear & wrist guards "the equipment has received clearance from the NHL for use in NHL games"

Goalies could use cut-resistant protection too!

We've seen it time and time again. It's the goalmouth scramble. The overzealous forwards rushing in for their split-second chance for glory. With hearts pumping, tensions rising... bodies bumping, blades, sticks and players collide. Defenders resisting at all cost, there's little room for error.

One last jab towards the goalie frees the puck and with lightning speed he dives for it, leaving him sprawled out prone to the ice. The defense begin leveling players with precision and at this point he becomes vulnerable. With bodies and skate blades flying the potential for serious injury just got bigger.

This scenario is played out numerous times throughout the hockey season. The goalmouth scramble naturally lends itself to a higher amount of players playing within a more confined space on the ice. The heightened sense of urgency and aggressive play during the scramble can potentially put those in proximity at risk to being cut by a skate blade.

  Play Smart....Protect yourself from CUTS!!


XH Series ACHILLES® cut-resistant underwear has been designed for goalies, but may also be worn by any player wanting more protection from skate cuts. 


ACHILLES® cut-resistant goalie underwear
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List Price: CAD $99.99
CAD $99.99

  • ACHILLES® cut-resistant goalie/player underwear, “the equipment has received clearance from the NHL for use in NHL games.” 
  • XH Series ACHILLES® cut-resistant underwear has been designed for goalies, but may also be worn by any player.
  • Underwear has HPPE high performance cut-resistant fiber panels on the unprotected areas of the player's legs providing greater overall protection from skate blade lacerations.
  • Can also be worn with our ACHILLES® cut-resistant skate socks for maximum protection to the Achilles tendon and calf muscle.
  • Compression fit with elastic waist band and draw string and hook and loop tabs to hold up socks.
  • The base layer is made from 80% nylon & 20% spandex for moisture management and cut-resistant panels.
  • Underwear comes with the Hogan Hockey™ & ACHILLES® logo on each thigh.
  • For proper fit, click on size chart before ordering.
  • Contact us for special pricing if your Hockey Association is considering to either recommend or mandate the wearing of cut-resistant products.

       **Team/association discounts available**


All Hogan Hockey ACHILLES® products are cut-resistant and not cut-proof, they are intended to be worn for hockey only. Read the safety warnings accompanied with all products before using.

    ACHILLES® Cut-resistant goalie/player underwear with HPPE "I've been using the Achilles Cut-Resistant Goalie Underweat for a month now, it's flawless! The underwear provides me the same quality (flexibility and breathability) I used to know with my other spandex pants, but with even more protection. When I watch the back of my leg with the pads on, I can see that my leg is very well protected, and I feel safe when it's time to play. I hope to never find out if they could save me from an injury, but I am sure that if that was the case, they would. I won't wear anything else by now and I recommand that product for every goaltender. The customer service was awesome. As I live in Europe, everything was made to help me from the beginning with my questions to the end with the delivery. I couldn't be more happy about it! Thank you for a great product and for an awesome service!"
   Kevin Schaller, Geneva, Switzerland.

 "Coming into my first year of pro, I spent the off-season taking care of all of the smallest details, on and off the ice to prepare myself best. What I failed to realize at the time is that one freak incident can take all of your hard work and mental preparation and in one instant take away a season and possibly your career. I have already seen the after effects of two incidents already this season, both wrist and Achilles. I am thankful that after the first I spent what is ultimately an insignificant cost for piece of mind and safety on the ice and I would not step foot on the ice again without my Hogan Hockey Kevlar® compression pants."(XH SERIES ACHILLES® Goalie/Player Underwear) 
 Rob Madore - Goaltender - Charlotte Checkers (AHL) Florida Everblades (ECHL)

"I started using the XH Series ACHILLES Cut-Resistant Goalie Underwear and Socks in 2010. There is no sacrifice for the right protection. And with the way the game is played nowadays, you need to be protected against skate cuts from goal mouth scrums and forwards driving the net. Hogan Hockey's products have given me the piece of mind to maintain the aggressive style of play that allows me to be successful. I am no longer worried about sticking my legs into high traffic areas where skate cuts most often occur. Out of the box, the underwear and socks were the most comfortable I've ever worn. In two seasons, the ACHILLES® products have saved me from injury on a number of occasions. They have offered me the level of protection, comfort, and performance that I needed to help me excel at the collegiate level. I wouldn't wear anything else. I recommend all goaltenders do the same."
 Kenny Reiter 2011-12 National Champion Goaltender University of Minnesota-Duluth

 "I've had our goaltenders wear Hogan Hockey protective underwear and socks ever since one of our former Bulldog goaltenders, Alex Stalock, nearly had his career cut short due to a laceration to the back of his leg during an A.H.L. game three seasons ago. Every goalie in our program has worn the protective underwear since the injury to Alex and with no complaints! The underwear isn't heavy and it wicks away sweat like any other performance underwear along with protecting them in those highly prone, exposed areas of the legs. It gives the player a "piece of mind" that those exposed areas are always protected!"
 Chris Garner, Equipment Manager, University Minnesota Duluth 2011 NCAA National Champions

 "The Hogan Hockey ACHILLES®  underwear provide the same level of flexibility and breathability as my old spandex pants. With Hogan Hockey products I'm much more protected from the threat of being cut, it's my first and final line of trusted defense."
 Cody Reichard Former goaltender Miami Redhawks University of Miami (Ohio)

 "I've been using the product for the last couple of weeks here at Shattuck and have really enjoyed the comfort of it. It is keeping my legs dry and it is keeping them cool at the same time. It also is giving me a peace of mind of not getting cut while playing goal."
 M. Loveday. Goalie at Shattuck St. Mary's