Friday, February 5, 2016

Protection From Skate Blade Cuts

"There Should Be No Excuses!"



 **Introducing our second generation ACHILLES® cut-resistant sock. Worn by the Pros. For information please contact Wingman Sports 1-289-231-1021 / 1-905-716-7227 or email:
 ***ACHILLES® cut-resistant socks, hybrid socks, underwear & wrist guards "the equipment has received clearance from the NHL for use in NHL games"

We are finding that for some, making the switch to cut-resistant skate socks or wrist guards can be difficult. Some may be accustomed to "not" wearing socks at all in their skates, while many have never worn wrist protection ever. Still others may have superstitions, and the stubborn ones just don’t want change. It's a personal choice for each individual. In speaking with hockey players who have been cut, we are hearing the same thing over and over "there should be no excuses!". These players are now wearing the protection and have become advocates for cut-resistant skate socks and wrist guards.

The following four bullet points may help you to make the switch:

  •  Skate blade cuts to the vulnerable areas do happen and can be very serious!

  •  Wearing protection can help to minimize the severity of a skate blade laceration injury or the damage sustained !

  •  Simply put, wearing the ACHILLES® cut-resistant skate socks and wrist guards provide relatively inexpensive added insurance.

  •  "There should be no excuses!".

With the increased interest in these innovative products you may be doing research to find what is right for you. There are far too many regurgitated blind blanket statements out there like "it's hot and cumbersome", these are not the rule. As with any other product not all are created equal.  Product testimonials may be a good starting point in which to find credible information. Our testimonials speak for themselves.

  • ACHILLES® Cut-resistant socks with HPPE "Just wanted to let you know just how great your socks are. Tonight a skate went down the back of my skate and the sock didn't cut and overall saved me from cutting my Achilles. Thanks so much for the socks over the years!"
          Jordan Larson, Carleton Place Canadians (CCHL) RBC runner's up 2013/14 & 2014/15                                                              
  •    ACHILLES® Cut-resistant goalie/player underwear with HPPE "I've been using the Achilles Cut-Resistant Goalie Underweat for a month now, it's flawless! The underwear provides me the same quality (flexibility and breathability) I used to know with my other spandex pants, but with even more protection. When I watch the back of my leg with the pads on, I can see that my leg is very well protected, and I feel safe when it's time to play. I hope to never find out if they could save me from an injury, but I am sure that if that was the case, they would. I won't wear anything else by now and I recommand that product for every goaltender. The customer service was awesome. As I live in Europe, everything was made to help me from the beginning with my questions to the end with the delivery. I couldn't be more happy about it! Thank you for a great product and for an awesome service!"
          Kevin Schaller, Geneva, Switzerland.

"I used them all summer and can't think of anything negative about them"     Craig, Vancouver, BC

"I started wearing the Hogan Hockey Achilles skate socks a few years ago and I love them!"   Haley Irwin 2010 Winter Games gold medalist (ice hockey)

"there is no other sock I would wear than Hogan Hockey's cut resistant Achilles sock. "  Travis Zajac
          National League Player
          2012 Cup Finalist, New Jersey

"All hockey players should be wearing these products for the simple fact that they offer added protection from skate cuts."
          Former NHLer Tom Pederson & President of

"Out of the box, the underwear and socks were the most comfortable I've ever worn."    Kenny Reiter
        2011-12 National Champion Goaltender
        University of Minnesota-Duluth

More Achilles® testimonials can be found here on the Testimonials page

 If you need further information about our ACHILLES® cut-resistant hockey products please contact us through this link (Contact Us) page

All Hogan Hockey ACHILLES® products are cut-resistant and not cut-proof, they are intended to be worn for hockey only. Read the safety warnings accompanied with all products before using.                                               

Play Smart....Protect yourself from CUTS!!