Thursday, February 7, 2013

Split-second decision saves hockey player's life

A seemingly minor incident on the ice nearly turned deadly after teen's wrist cut by skate.

Taking Action....A Cut-Resistant Hockey Revolution

Today we want to talk about taking action in light of this recent near tragedy. Wearing your standard traditional hockey gear is all very well and good...following all the rules so to speak. But choosing to wear cut-resistant hockey protection requires thinking a little outside of the box. Those of you that have already added these innovative products to your arsenal are the forerunners breaking from old traditions. Admirably, thinking outside the box. Hogan Hockey applauds you.
It is not enough to just tout our products. Our approach is to educate. We're talking about taking action here, and in order for you to take action, we must be candid about skate cuts. This is part of the educational process.  We want to elevate your level of awareness. The game is evolving and innovative cut-resistant equipment is part of that evolution. There are risks in playing hockey and these innovative products provide that extra insurance and peace of mind for players as well as parents.

With cuts becoming more prevalent, we now feel it necessary to instill a clear sense of the dangers of skate blade lacerations. To show you what kind of damage these injuries  can do and just how serious they can be. Posting the accompanying video to this near tragic event may seem harsh to some ...but it did happen and can happen to anyone.

In a time where serious skate blade cuts are happening with more frequency, it's amazing how little mention is given to the fact that protection from skate laceration injuries even exists. Specifically, cut-resistant protection for the vulnerable areas not previously addressed by donning standard traditional hockey gear. Our innovative cut-resistant wrist guards, skate socks, underwear, and referee shin tights provide protection that can help to reduce the severity of skate blade cut injuries.  Don't just take our word, we want you to do your homework and do a little digging of your own "take action". With just a little digging you will find that skate cuts  are real and cut-resistant hockey protection is here. And as we say "here to stay".

The facts remain that skate blade cuts do happen, can be very serious, and cut-resistant protection is available. 

Hogan Hockey has been a pioneer in the development of cut-resistant hockey products. We are particularly concerned about skate blade injuries. These types of injuries are the results of accidents and can be prevented or minimized. Since inception our products have been worn at the Pro, Junior and Collegiate levels. These elite players have given our products validation by choosing to wear them for their combined benefit of comfort as well as protection. Wearing any of our ACHILLES® XH SERIES cut-resistant products will help reduce the risk of these types of injuries before they happen.

Play Smart....Protect yourself from CUTS!!
XH Series ACHILLES® Cut-Resistant Wrist Guards w/ Kevlar®