Friday, January 1, 2016

A Parent's Guide to Cut-Resistant Skate Socks


**Introducing our second generation ACHILLES® cut-resistant sock. Worn by the Pros. For information please contact Wingman Sports 1-289-231-1021 / 1-905-716-7227 or email:


ACHILLES® cut-resistant skate socks, “the equipment has received clearance from the NHL for use in NHL games.”


What are cut-resistant skate socks?


Cut-resistant skate socks are protective socks that can be made from a variety of highly cut-resistant materials, blended with a mix of supporting materials to enhance the socks stability (shape retention, comfort), breathability (moisture wicking material) as well a host of other materials specific to each brand. The socks provide additional protection from accidental skate blade cut injuries to the Achilles tendon and calf area. Protection may vary from brand to brand and will be dependent on individual brand manufacturing, composition, as well as sock length.

Who needs cut-resistant skate socks?


Although they are not yet mandated by hockey governing bodies, any child/player who plays the game of hockey is potentially at risk from being accidentally cut by a skate blade. These cuts can range from being minor to devastating. Any time a child/player is left exposed there should be concern. With today's skates being more rigid, including the back tendon guard, the Achilles tendon and surrounding area can be left vulnerable. Skate blade lacerations to the Achilles tendon can be very serious and do occur at all levels. Therefore, anyone who plays the game should at the least be considering these cut-resistant skate socks for added protection.

Are they really necessary?

Accidental skate blade cuts in hockey do happen. Our approach has been to educate you to the facts that these cuts can be very serious, and that there is protection available.  Many parents are just now hearing about cut-resistant hockey protection after Erik Karlsson's severed Achilles tendon became headline news. While others (see My son's injury) have already seen the devastation of serious skate blade injuries and just how catastrophic they can be.  At this time, wearing cut-resistant gear is a matter of  individual choice It should not take serious injuries like those of  Christian's or Erik's, or even worse....a fatality before cut-resistant skate socks and other products are looked at as a preventative measure.

Hogan Hockey has been a pioneer in the development of cut-resistant hockey products. We are particularly concerned for your safety and have developed cut-resistant hockey products for players, goalies and referees.

**Introducing our second generation ACHILLES® cut-resistant sock. Worn by the Pros. For information please contact Wingman Sports 1-289-231-1021 / 1-905-716-7227 or email:

ACHILLES® Cut-Resistant Skate Sock

  • ACHILLES® skate socks are made with a high performance cut-resistant HPPE fiber which provides protection from skate blade lacerations.
  • High performance cut-resistant fibers pull heat away from the body.
  • Mesh zone on top of the foot gives added ventilation combined with a non-obtrusive toe seam for maximum comfort.
  • Naturally anti-microbial.
  • Sock color is white & black with our ACHILLES® and Hogan Hockey™ logos, plus the size stitched into every sock for easy pairing when laundering.
  • Sock sizing is based on shoe size.
CUT-RESISTANT PROTECTION for hockey is what we do!! 

All Hogan Hockey ACHILLES® products are cut-resistant and not cut-proof, they are intended to be worn for hockey only.

Play Smart....Protect yourself from CUTS!

Be sure to stay tuned to Hogan Hockey for more firsts in cut-resistant hockey innovations.